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Hear Her Sing....Amazing
[Jul. 27, 2010] You've got to hear this little girl sing!!! Simply Amazing....
Thou Shalt
[Feb. 9, 2010] Sometimes I wonder about this kind of ministry. It sure ain't a glorified one...
We Are Only Fully Alive when We’re Helping Others
[Aug. 20, 2009] August 20, 2009 -We Are Only Fully Alive when We’re Helping Others
by Rick Warren By Courtesy Rick Warren
We Are Commanded to Serve God
[Aug. 19, 2009] August 19, 2009 We Are Commanded to Serve God by Rick Warren By Rick Warren
A Christian Who Doesn't Serve Is a Contradiction
[Aug. 18, 2009] August 18, 2009 - Daily Devotion -A Christian Who Doesn't Serve Is A Contradiction By Courtesy of Rick Warren
We Are Not Saved by Service, but for Service
[Aug. 17, 2009] August 17 - Daily Devotion - We Are Not Saved By Service, But For Service By Courtesy of Rick Warren
We Are Here to Make a Contribution
[Aug. 16, 2009] August 16, 2009 - Daily Devotion - We Are Here To Make A Contribution By Rick Warren
Merry Chistmas from Rodeo Attitude!
[Dec. 24, 2008] We have received so many Christmas links from our fans and members and out of all of them I have selected this one. Please take a moment to watch and remember the TRUE REASON FOR THE SEASON!

God's Blessings to you all!
Watch Your Thoughts...They Become Your Destiny
[Mar. 27, 2008] Words of wisdom from an unknown source.
Resurrection of Hope - An Easter Message
[Mar. 23, 2008] He sat quietly in the front pew. A tiny boy in a large church. Although the pews were full, no one sat next to him. He was alone and frightened but his grandma had sent him to church. She was not well but she wanted him to go. His parents did not attend church, but his mother had started sending him to spend Saturday night with grandma so she could send him to the church on Sunday mornings. So here he was all clean and in his best jeans and shirt listening to the man at the pulpit speaking of Jesus. No one invited him to Sunday school, the minister never took time to welcome him and often he would walk back to grandma’s house with tears in his eyes. He wanted to know this Jesus. He wanted to know more about Heaven and angels. His grandma did her best but before long they would move farther from grandma's house and the Sundays in the front pew would become memories By Cindy Meyers, CEO Rodeo Attitude
Live each day to the fullest - Every day is SPECIAL!
[Feb. 4, 2008] "Never save something for a special occasion. Every day in your life is a special occasion"
Your cell phone VS Your Bible
[Dec. 17, 2007] A what if from a friend that will make you think twice.
KSBJ radio - you gotta hear this!
[Nov. 17, 2007] Children understand God better than adults do sometimes.
God and The Spider
[Oct. 17, 2007] Member Kay Behm sent this to me and I felt it was worthy of this column. How often we forget the power of our God. Not only that the music is one of my all time favorite recordings. We forget Elvis did such great gospel music.
Death - What A way To Explain It!
[Aug. 31, 2007] This little story actually brought peace even to this old lady!

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