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Highway 101 photos

Highway 101 – San Jose

Image by Richard_Hicks
San Jose is all city. I couldn’t take it anymore, and took off driving one night to see if I could get out of the city. I finally gave up after an hour.

Dwight Yoakam photos


Image by On Location in Los Angeles
The 2006 film "Crank" with (my favorite bad guy) Jason Statham was a high energy movie and a fun project for me to track down the L.A. locations that were used.
The corner of Wilshire and Hope was where Chelios (Statham) steals a bike right out from under an L.A. cop after he watches himself on the TV news through a store window (top).

Martina McBride photos

Martina McBride – CMA Fest 2011- LP Field – Nashville, TN 056a

Image by tncountryfan

Jewel images

The Jewel Box

Image by Pete Zarria
One from an Iowa frame of mind, the Jewel Box Bank in Grinnell, Iowa.

Louis Sullivan -Archt. 1914
Merchant’s Bank


Frank Lloyd Wright apprenticed with Sullivan and had a minor hand in some inside details in this building.

Photos, Glen Campbell

11 – Campbell, Glen – Everything A Man Could Ever Need – D – 1970-

Image by Affendaddy
In the mid 70s we had two squirrels. One time SCHROEDER escapes and hides behind some singles. Then he bites himself from left to right through 30 singles. On the upper left you see the result.