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Hank Snow | I’ve Been everywhere(man), Hank Snow

Hank Snow | I’ve Been everywhere(man)
This is the original version of the classic song, Ive been everywhere(man). Dont forget to subscribe!

23 Responses to “Hank Snow | I’ve Been everywhere(man), Hank Snow”

  • cmhsffa:

    Good song the whole ffa´╗┐ loves it

  • NavySeal12200:

    Hank Snow and Johnny Cash sing it´╗┐ best.

  • Gman333Xferrari:

    An´╗┐ Aussie wrote this song


    Hank´╗┐ Snow: The original rapper.

  • justpeachy4me:

    There’s not another song like this one, and no one can sing it´╗┐ like he did. No one sounds like him. I grew listening to him. Love to hear my son sing this, and anyone else who can sing it. But there’s only one HANK SNOW!!

  • 80111live:

    Back in the late 70′s I worked at WNCO..a country music station in Ashland, Ohio..I had the privilege to interview Mr. Snow..At that time he had a total disdain for the ‘new’ country..In fact´╗┐ he kind of sounded a bit bitter that maybe he wasn’t given his due..

  • oldiesfan55:

    Doesn’t even mention´╗┐ Sha-doo (Seattle) – boooo! Just kidding, LOL. :-d

  • sunset40ify:

    Heres´╗┐ to all of the truckers out there….

  • rosekraut:


  • e2cmmm:

    LOVE IT!! :-D Still as great as it was when I heard it back in´╗┐ the ’60s!

  • mortgagebrokercalgar:

    this´╗┐ is a good song

  • rockgor:

    Love that song. I couldn’t even memorize the lyrics much less sing
    it. Guess you have to tape the words to the back´╗┐ of your guitar.

    Hank’s version of “The Texas Silver Zephyr” used to be on Youtube.
    Now I can’t find it. Another great C-W tune.

    Thanks for the great post.

  • pintificate:

    Yes, it’s a great song, but it’s not the original. The number hails´╗┐ from Australia. It was written by Geoff Mack and sung by “Lucky Starr” – in supersonic tempo. Various other countries have been graced with local renditions of it, including New Zealand, the United States and even England!

  • norbie6:

    Fantastic! How did´╗┐ he remember all the places so fast??

  • SusannaDee:

    Thanks for this! Lovely version from Hank Snow but not the original, however.
    This is an Australian song written by Geoff Mack in 1959 and later adapted for Hank.´╗┐ There’s a New Zealand version as well.

  • BlowoutBob:

    I like this one better´╗┐ than Johnny Cash’s version

  • thrashersk8er1:

    my mom used to listen to this song all the timeGOD BLESS JEAN´╗┐ MOSKWA BASCOM!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!! this is for you!!!

  • thrashersk8er1:

    my mom used to listen to´╗┐ this song all the timeGOD BLESS JEAN MOSKWA BASCOM!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!@

  • esmedoodles:

    Read his autobiography. Great story teller. Grew up dirt poor in Nova Scotia, a kind grandmother and evil stepfather, struggled and´╗┐ climbed his way to the top and was still the sweetest guy you’d ever meet.

  • roguestylez:

    been looking like hell for the original i been everywhere with johnny cash and i cant´╗┐ find it ? WTF ? theres only remixes :S?

  • coolestrulest:

    bloody jonny´╗┐ cash ripin him off

  • GeneralBurkhalter1:

    Old… 1962…´╗┐

  • MotherOfWolves1:

    dang how old is´╗┐ this song

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