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"Travel the country with Trent and together we will unearth the neat stories about the people and places in Rural America that truly makes it what it is"

The Great Plains is rich in history and from it are a number of lessons that can be applied to today's way of life. Join us on the journey each weekday as we explore the past and look to the future.

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And this year MIN Online has announced that Amanda Radke from Mitchell, SD is one of the most intrigueing people of the year.
Each year since 2003, MIN has recognized those who made a difference. It may not be a slam-dunk success, but the people we call Intriguing are getting the attention from their peers and the marketplace by their innovation, strategy and the occasional guts. Our profiles of the 21 tell why they do what they do.

As luck would have it I ran into her today in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport and she gives us the full scoop.

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