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Kirt Espenson of the E6 Ranch Hart TX speaks out.

Personally I in no way shape or form support what I have witnessed in the video from E6 but honestly believe you need to hear Kirt speak before you hang him out to dry, Trent Loos.

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45 Responses to “Special report E6 Calf Ranch, Hart, TX”

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  • [...] Temple’s comment is enough for me to say, it’s time to hold E6 management’s feet to a very hot fire; put them on the witness stand and grill them about what happened and why.  Trent Loos of Loos Tales made a call to Kirt Espenson, owner of the feed lot and asked him point blank if he was aware that his employee was using a hammer to euthanize calves.  Espenson said he was not aware of it but claimed the MFA employee was also caught on tape using a hammer.  You can listen to the tape here. [...]

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  • Dan Phillips:

    I couldn’t believe your interview with Kirt Espenson. First, you implored Mr. Espenson to say that the undercover investigator “egged on” the employee to use a hammer to kill the calves. He could not say this. Evidently, the investigator did not egg on the employees and this barbaric treatment is standard practice. Second, you tried to get Mr. Espenson to say that the statement about not using medicine was taken out of context. Again, Mr. Espenson could not say this. Sick and injured animals are apparently routinely denied medical care.

    Perhaps worst of all, many of the calves had experienced frost bite so bad that their limbs were injured. This apparently is not a big deal in the animal agriculture industry. Mr. Espenson was not apologetic about it, and you did not ask about it.

    Can you imagine how much these animals suffered in the cold? Even the ones that didn’t get frostbite must have suffered terribly. Can you imagine how you’d feel if you suffered so or if your children suffered so?

    Shame on you and on the animal agriculture industry.

    I hope the public learns how the animal products it consumes are raised.

    • Susan Stephenson:

      I couldn’t agree more.
      Even with ‘organic’, grass fed beef, this often comes at a cost to indigenous wildlife: especially with the cattle raised in Montana and Wyoming around Yellowstone. The cattle ranchers there are constantly whining about the bison,wolves and grizzlies, and get compensated with our tax dollars and compensation funds from wildlife charities. Who’s the imposter here!
      The USA is long overdue for an overhaul of its meat industry. Changes have happened, but too slowly for these poor animals.

    • Velta:

      Thank goodness female calves don’t get frostbite

  • [...] Loos Tales Interview with the owner of E6 Ranch [...]

  • [...] Loos Tales Interview with the owner of E6 Ranch [...]

  • Who was the cameraman? What is his name and address, and phone number. If you have any nerve (balls) at all, publish his name and contact information. People (namely me) would like to get in touch with him.

    –Rusty Rodgers
    (512) 734-0234

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  • Cahuenga:

    There is no way Kirt Espenson didn’t know this was happening. He’s a biz man, of course he’s going to sell himself and throw his employees under the bus. That’s Biz 101 in this country. The only thing he is sorry for is getting caught and the effect it will have on his wallet.

  • mburch:

    anyone that could do these things is not human. …..just a mentally sick, deplorable waste of crap.

    • Norma Kennedy:

      They are not mentally sick~ They are cruel & mean~They need to be held accountable for their actions not put in a hospital or given treatment~

  • Willie Blackman:

    You don’t have to hear him out, these people know what is going on and don’t care, all they are interested in is the finished product and to get their labor as cheap as possible. Him and his people are worse than Nazis

    • Norma Kennedy:

      Well Nazis were far worse because they killed human beings but the type of person capable of doing this to animals is just as cruel and mean~ I hope they are all punished even ever worker that cared these acts out! I don’t care if they were told to or not~

  • lord help us:

    since i saw this on hln i will be a vegan from now on i hope other people will follow in my footsteps And the So-called lawmakers you pay off should have to watch that video at dinner everynite i hope some good will come out of this and somehow you, and other cruel murderers, animal abusers are brought to justice you are very cruel you should know GOD loves his animals and doesn’t like cruelty!

    • Norma Kennedy:

      Animals should not be made to suffer~ I am think about not purchasing meat from any more suppliers but insuring I buy all my meat from local farmers that I know personally~ God gave us certain rules to follow with in the bible~ God tells us to eat meat~God ordered the killings of many animals through out the bible~ But yes I do think you will be held accountable for animal cruelty!

    • Mark:

      Didn’t you know that the lord provided our first human parents with animal skins to wear? How did he do that with killing the animal. I like steak, bacon and chicken. Vegan is not the answer. Abuse is unacceptable. But education and awarness is the only answer. Like any child abuse situation, it is the exception not the rule. Yes, it needs to be delt with but there are thousands of animal loving farmers and ranchers that want to provide food for many in a humane way.

  • Sis:

    I can’t even bring myself to watch the entire video. I just have a hard time believing that the owner didnt have any idea this was going on. Maybe he didn’t witness the violent abuse but he had to know about the neglect. You can’t miss it unless you turn a blind eye. I know that most cattle ranchers do it for the love of what they do and the animals they Care for. I am sick about this and just can’t understand how anyone could do these things. I am thankful for the person behind the video due to the fact that he shed light on what was going on but I wish he would have blown the whistle a whole lot sooner!!!!!

    • Norma Kennedy:

      I agree with that the person that took this video needs to be thanked~ I could have not done it~ I’am a hunter and work for EMS but I could not look at that video~ This is so disturbing on every level~

  • John Temme:

    I find it interesting that people are concerned that he didn’t treat some of his sick calves with antibiotics. Especially when there is a whole segment of the animal industry that doesn’t give their animals antibiotics when they are sick. Yet I don’t see anyone calling out organic producers for not treating their animals when they are sick. Finally who in their right mind would use a hammer when you have a rifle.

  • Norma Kennedy:

    Kirt Espenson need to be held accountable for every cruel act cared out on his property and in his business~ Then be made to get out of the cattle business all togeather~ Even a poor business owners KNOWS how his business is being ran! Of course nothing will be done to him because people with money rule your individuals with the power to make a difference~

  • Burnard:

    I hope those fires reach your farm down there in Hart. Places like this need to leave the planet.

  • Michael Schofield:

    I an thoroughly disgusted with the in humane treatment of these precious animals. I suggest that we as citizens need to stand up for all animals treated with such cruelty. That should prosecute and jail these criminals. Words cannot describe the way I feel. Please contact you legislators and insist on justice for these precious animals.

  • Susan Stephenson:

    Thank you Mr.Loos for your interview with Kirt Espenson. Having listened, I feel strongly that he should be prosecuted on criminal charges of neglect and abuse.
    The people he hires were clearly not ‘vetted’. But you seemed to be holding onto the premise that the workers were otherwise good people who were lulled into their actions by the unscrupulous cameraman.Sorry, I am not buying that argument. That is ridiculous!
    The true test for any business, would be to allow access, at no notice, to observe the conditions.
    We should not need animal rights groups to shed light on these disgusting people, but I am thankful that we have PETA, Mercy For Animals and others to inform us.
    As someone who stopped eating meat several years ago, primarily as a reaction to the atrocities I’ve seen repeatedly in the meat industry, I now have a good reason to stop drinking milk also.

  • MYRA:


  • Dex:

    Kirt Espenson,

    I sincerely hope some lunatic with nothing to lose gets aholt of this story and puts a claw hammer into your head, you lying sack of shit. You’re beneath humanity and you need to be wiped off the face, violently.

  • Ron:

    my question , who are the customers of E6.



  • Ron:



  • Mari Hill:

    I can’t believe that the owner didn’t know anything about this. I wasn’t raised on a farm, but had grandparents who raised and killed some of their animals for food only. And believe me they didn’t shoot them in the head, or take a hammer to their heads. As I remember they were taken care of and respected for what they were to be used for.

    It makes me sick that people who work with animals be it on a farm, or slaughter house, they appear as nut case sadist, or seem to pleasure finding ways to scare or torture the poor animals…All unnecessary. I appreciate all that Mercy For Animals do to protect those that can’t protect themselves. This organization randomly picked this ranch, so the ranch owner doesn’t need to start in on they tried to set him up. I am sick every time I try to watch the video more then a few seconds. It really makes me sick and MAD.

  • I appreciate Kirt standing up and taking responsibility for his employees. This kind of abuse can’t be tolerated! I don’t care who does it…a MFA employee or someone we have hired that we trust with our animals. Videos like this make me physically sick because they are so extremely inflammatory and not the way most animals are treated. As a rancher, I love cattle and love working with them. I can’t imagine treating a calf this way.

    Everyone involved needs to be held accountable–including the guy with the video camera who is also on video using the hammer on a calf. Examples of this kind of abuse are hard to find. They are the extreme and not the “norm.” Becoming a vegan isn’t going to stop animal abuse–unless you kill all the animals you are trying to protect. The sickos out there could still do this to an animal kept for other reasons.

    No matter who you are–dairy owner, rancher, vegan or simply a mom who wants to do what’s right for your family, you can’t condone this. It is just wrong! Thanks for the interview, Trent.

  • [...] Espenson of the E6 Ranch Hart TX, spoke to Trent Loos on Wednesday, and I believe he did a great job of explaining what happened. As with all undercover videos we [...]

  • Absolutely DISGUSTING!!! You are inhumane! You must have served with the SS during the Nazi massacre in the concentration camps! You are sick and pathetic!!!!!!

  • Mac:

    Wow, is the interviewer doing what he “claims” Mercy for Animals did by trying to put words and wrong context to the video ? Thankfully Mr Espenson knew that he was already caught and thought smarter then to try to talk his way out of this. Too bad the interviewer wasnt as smart.

    Horrible interviewer…..just horrible.

  • Fay:

    E6 Ranch in Hart, TX is disgusting. I viewed the video and found their email online and wrote to the Esperson’. I hope they do jail time too. You must be a complete idiot to NOT KNOW this horrific behavior towards these helpless animals was going on. I am a meat eater, but this video woke me up. I will make sure I do not buy meat or dairy products without firsthand knowledge of what goes on at these ranches/farms. I don’t even care if the USDA approves these places, because obviously this ranch was, and it’s a shame that even the government of the US doesn’t know what takes place at these. I hear some states want to make it a felony to even do under cover investigations like the one that happened at E6 Ranch. I hope everyone suffers that thinks it’s ok to treat animals like they did on those videos. Absolutely disgusting. I will not rest unless justice is done. Who in their right mind would even want to associate with the Esperson’s and their ranch after viewing this video?!

  • steve:

    No amount of training will help his employees. They certainly can’t be trusted with a gun. They need to wear orange coveralls and pick up trash.

  • hang him out to dry:

    Listening to his voice really upset me.

    He was pretty good about not taking any true responsibility.

    Mr. E sure was quick to point out how the camera guy was in the video and pointing out how he was just as guilty of the abuse. I guess in this guys mind two wrongs make it right.

    If the animals are sick wouldnt you want them to be in good health before you sell them?

    It sounded like he was justifying his actions.

    This interview has given me more support on why we should hang him out to dry.

  • kamden:

    I totally agree with cahuenga above, this is just biz as usual for business persons like Espenson. He will not face much punishment in Castro county, where big ag biz rules.

    I have just this week eliminated milk, cheese and dairy products from my diet. NOT going to be part of this corrupt factory treatment of cows and calves. No, no more!

  • Brian Whisnand:

    The dairy industry in particular has shown that it cannot properly manage their employees. Owners and managers of dairy operations routinely are caught abusing calves. They are killing the beef industry and most important violating basic human morals. The owners of these operations are just as bad as the Michael Vick’s of the world. Until the owners and their abusive employees start spending time in prison practices like what was caught on video will continue. I hope that the owner(s) of E6 go to prison or at the very least suffer enormous financial losses.

    Let’s not forget that many killers and abusers of women and children got their start abusing animals. It is a known and well studied fact.

    May God bless the poor abused calves and may the guilty burn in hell.

  • susan staley:


  • Michelle Nicole:

    Absolutely disgusting. Shame on Loos for trying to put the blame for this on the cameraman and make excuses for what is, quite obviously, inexcusable. It is inexcusable that the calves were not given enough basic shelter to prevent frostbite in the first place. And death via hammering???

    There is no way this guy didn’t know exactly what was going on, and either permit or encourage it. He’s just trying to look responsible now, because he’s been caught redhanded. Needs to be in jail where he belongs, along with the 5 subhuman workers who tortured the calves to death.

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