Professional Rodeo Clown

Voted 21X Funnyman of the Year  

Some people enjoy working in offices behind desks, some people enjoy working with other people, and some enjoy working odd jobs. Well there is one guys that says his job involves a little bit of everything. You see his office is a rodeo arena and his desk a 230 lb. Clown Barrel.

The other people he works with aren't so human. Yes we're talking about 2000 Lb. bulls with horns and bad attitudes. And you guessed it....this is definitely an ODD JOB!!! We are talking about 16X Rodeo Clown of the Year - Shawn "Boom Boom" Thompson.

Shawn parks his Dodge Pickup in the country near Sidney, Iowa where he and his wife Jennifer, son Tate and daughter, Sadie call home. Shawn has traveled over 10 states in 9 years and has worked many rodeo finals in this time. To work a finals is like winning a Grammy at the Peoples Choice Awards.

Shawn credits his success to a good attitude and a happy go lucky look on life. To Shawn comedy is the key to happiness. So if you are looking for a night of comical relief you gotta catch this guy's show. Don't miss out on a night of excitement, laughter and danger. Shawn says the greatest benefit is meeting new folks. So check out his website, and leave him a Howdy on his Message Board...

Funnyman of the Year 21 Times!

National Federation of Professional Bullriders Finals 2005-2008

Bullriders Of America Finals 2004 2007

United Rodeo Association Finals-00-01-03-04
Iowa Rodeo Association Finals-99-00-01-02-03-04

Minnesota Rodeo Association Finals 2004

Central Plains Rodeo Association Finals 2004
Iowa Rodeo Cowboy Association Finals- 99-00

Vice-President Mid West Bullfighters Association 

    Photo courtesty of Kent Kerschner Photography

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