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Good Bull Riding Wrecks, Bucking Bulls

Good Bull Riding Wrecks

These are some crazy and awesome bull riding wrecks.

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25 Responses to “Good Bull Riding Wrecks, Bucking Bulls”

  • fps54sps54:

    man that was sad and funny

  • Thenaturemanz:

    @MyBloodbrother glad to know the U.S. Military and the rest of militaries around the world and cop forces are pussies. Considering all you do is be a keyboard warrior and sit at home all day, so what word do you have?

  • Thenaturemanz:

    @computer305 Really? Because are intelligence proves otherwise. Human with a hunting rifle vs. a bull. Do the math.

  • computer305:

    man a human is nothing against an animal

  • MyBloodbrother:

    I cant wait for armagedon the only ones to survive rodeo cowboys & Firefighters the rest of us pussys, well thats it

  • sevendiamantes:

    They need a device around the rope to cut it and free the cowboys hands from the grip of the rope. Is this a good idea or what?

  • varminthunter243:

    @AnimalLeftist shut up. you’re too stupid to speak.

  • joycub:

    so glad they dnt bite

  • thegreathorseman:

    Intense ! ! ! ! Talk about a rough job, I’ll never complain again ! ! !

  • horsegirleve2:

    @1coloradoskier obviously not if they do that to them?

  • cutedogs12:

    this music is too hard core

  • AnimalLeftist:

    @OfficialShannonRosie, “Im from the home of “The Daddy of Em’ All” and the livestock are all treated extremely well. “, except when they die. Oh, well.

  • AnimalLeftist:

    @gratscot, funny, I didn’t see any bulls lining up to “play”. It is sickening to watch, unless you are sadistic in nature. Oh, right, we are programming kids to be sadistic. Play some video games, then no-one gets hurt. This is a stupid cruel “event”, that only the spectators and the “cowboy” enjoy. Maybe if more of you WOULD jump out of planes, our gene pool could improve. sick twisted cruelty= rodeo.

  • TheTrickshooter:

    And they worry Aout bicyclists wearing helmets. Dumb smucks

  • OfficialJoosty:

    @AnouskaStacey ga jankenxD

  • stiffygiffy:

    At 2:03 it reminds me of the UFC

  • AnouskaStacey:

    Hahah lekeer voor jullie moeten jullie maar niet zo met di beesten om gaan !!!

  • 101cowtoy:

    thanks for the video JB. and you guys think i am crazy for being in the barrel or playing “chicken with the train”. keep up the good ride!

  • worktosser:

    Holy Crap! Getting your hand caught like that must have a special brand of “this sucks”. That alone would deter me even if I were tough enough for it.

  • osiris3yhn:

    @1coloradoskier who the fuck are you talking too

  • WazcallyWabbit:

    @ItsCalledAZombie I wouldn’t blame you… holy shit… lol.


    @1coloradoskier Suck my dick

  • gratscot:

    @AnimalLeftist Its a competition between man and beast. The man trying to stay on top of the animals back for 8 seconds and the animal trying to get the man off his back and then trample his ass. Its the adrenalin and the Cowboys trying to beat the beast and riding the edge of success and a ass kicking. People bull ride for the same reason people jump out of planes or rock climb. Nothing safe is fun. But you are right bull riding has no real ranch use, but lets face it, its fun as fuck to watch.

  • stevecitano:

    ……Mess with the Bull, you get the Horns!!

  • AnimalLeftist:

    Why do you guys enjoy watching people get the shit kicked out of them by an animal that is clearly physically superior? Seriously. I wanna know .I don’t get it. I think it’s sad that you think this is awesome. And tell me please, what is the reasoning around ranch work, for this event? I’ve never seen a cattle rancher ride his buls. It just makes no good common sense. But hey, enjoy the blood, the broken bodies.. (shakes head..) The bull would far rather be left alone. Why can’t you do that?