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Bull Riding Bullmania – Gunslinger BuckersNow.com

Bull Riding Bullmania – Gunslinger BuckersNow.com

Check out WWW.BuckersNow.COM every week for a great new bucking bull of the week.

24 Responses to “Bull Riding Bullmania – Gunslinger BuckersNow.com”

  • RideEmRank:

    @IamCommanderShepard its not as easy as you think. there is so much power on that animal, it like blows your legs apart when they buck.

  • IamCommanderShepard:

    why dont they just hang on tight and squeeze there legs around the bull? or is that not allowed?

  • funnyman2009:

    @DrunkenCowboy88 also make it a lil easier to sit on the bull

  • Dhecoa:

    alberto brought me here

  • nowhere991:

    Ty Murray & Gunslinger at Nashville: There was a show.

  • MsCheygirl55:

    @DrunkenCowboy88 or woman vs beast :D

  • DrunkenCowboy88:

    @dazeguy513 Its the battle of Man vs. Beast. 160 pound man against a 1800-2000 pound man. They say its an adrenaline rush kinda like sky diving, football, motor cross, nascar. I have yet to figure out why girls think its so cool because its dangerous. I would rather deal with them for 8 seconds than all time time like I do now. Also the wranglers are easier to run in than baggy pants, you don’t have to keep pulling them up everystep.

  • 131hillside:

    good job you gise

  • MsCowgirl4ever18:

    @MsCowgirl4ever18 That’s aweome, how was your tour? Sorry I haven’t been on here in a while i got really busy with my grandma dying and all that stuff,

  • garfieldrodeoking1:

    I would love to get on that bull

  • MsCowgirl4ever18:

    @TheMarine1227 wow that’s awesome! hope your tour was fun.

  • justaghost4416:

    damn i’d love to get on a bull like gunslinger one day. actually right now i can’t wait till i’m healed enough to ride agian

  • TheMarine1227:

    @MsCowgirl4ever18 my big bro got me into ridin then i enlisted in the marines i just came back from my first tour but i still ride i started calf riding wen i was 6 and been doin it ever since

  • MsCowgirl4ever18:

    So true my ex bf used to ride bulls and he said they were the toughest bulls that he’s ever ridden bc of that

  • samreayable:

    the comentators are so funny.

    HAHAHA he’ll introduce you to those horns. LEWL’N hicks are way too funny

  • TheMarine1227:

    thats the thing with brahmas when they buck they dont buck like little bulls they sling their wait and u have to sling yers with them and try to stay with em but they really dont buck they mostly jumpthats wat makes some of them so damn hard to ride

  • CowboyMr44:

    top 5 greatest bulls of all time…i love that big brahma

  • teech107122:

    i live and breathe pbr. stylin and profili baby! that announcer is exciting. 55 55 get em get em get em!

  • MrVC808:

    when i grow up i might be a bull rideer HHHHHOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Cruelladevil66:

    Awww NO NO NO!

  • TinkerTom56:

    WOW that bull is HUGE.

  • recniabsal:

    @michelletilley What do you mean jumping?

  • tuttoz:

    show off !!!! haha

  • ThePrcabullrider:

    my gandpa is best friends with david baily and i ride down there all the time at the pratice pen like i have done for many year’s and i have seen gunslinger buck out to many time’s and he is still one of the best bulls i have ever seen buck when he was bucking