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Luke Kaufman singing Cowboys Angel and Bull Riding Song ( 2 songs)

Luke Kaufman singing Cowboys Angel and Bull Riding Song ( 2 songs)
Cowboys Angel and Bull Riding Song

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19 Responses to “Luke Kaufman singing Cowboys Angel and Bull Riding Song ( 2 songs)”

  • jdorsey83:

    come on down to south ga anytime. we would love to see you down here.

  • TheBowhunter66:

    @REDNECKRYAN12 Your damn strait bub. He don’t know the meaning of cowboy, u cant call urself a cowboy just bcuz u ride bulls, its alot more than that, its living the cowboy way. im a good ol country boy, and damn proud to be. I Started ridin calves at 4-5 at 6 steers, at 10 jr bullss at 13 senior bulls, and now 17 still riding, REDNECK RYAN slide and ride bub, nod for 90. Ride hard, and dont take shit from these wana b cowboys later bub

  • carlthegreatest:

    Anyone know where to get the chords for this?

  • AsinineCowboy88:

    Cowboy aint in jacked up trucks or big mud tire’s……. racist remarks or takein a piss in your mobile home park cowboy is and always will be in your heart “Ray Cook”

  • themotoexpert:

    late night drives, and 8 second highs! Long live bullridin cowboys!


    @guitarzan15 how long you been ridin bulls boy ive been involved with rodeos since i was 4 and ive been ridin bulls since i was 6 so yeah dont talk shit if you cant back it up alright and im 18 now so yeah and dont call me a hick its just a screen name alright and trust me if u lived where i lived if u said that to anybody in my home town you wouldnt be able to back it up or ask for help cause everybody would gang up on you so dont talk shit

  • 1ilovebullriding:

    long live bull ridiers that make there livin 8 seconds at a time !

  • guitarzan15:

    @REDNECKRYAN12 Sorry to tell you but somebody who says they are a “bull ridin son of a bitch” and their name is “RedneckRyan” is NOT a bull ridin son of a bitch. Its hicks like you that give actual cowboys a bad image.

  • rebel484000:


  • rebel484000:

    thank the lord for Luke Kafman and long live cowboys like me

  • rebel484000:

    yes sir i agree.



  • GeorgiaBoii32:


  • GeorgiaBoii32:

    @Countrybo18 LOL are you fucking STUPID? omfg, illionois? LOL get the fuck out of here bitch this is SOUTHERN shit you fucking yankee pussy. BAHAHAH wow you dont know shit bout country boy.

  • Countrybo18:

    The hell with Georgia and CALIFORNIA!! Come to Southern illinois bubba, ill show yall how some country boys and rednecks live, Hahahaa keep on livin the dream and livin our lifes 8 seconds at a time! God bless yall

  • drakemoneymaker83:

    this guy is great he played at my aunts wedding

  • geesavedmylife:

    love, love, LOVE!!!! :)

  • bwilso10:

    the hell with California! Come to Georgia!

  • MilesS8:

    tell him to come to california